Welcome from David Postings

It's an exciting time to be working in our organisation with the banking and finance industry facing ever more challenges.

These include the fight against economic crime to the roll out of AI in financial services. We must ensure the rapid march of technology brings benefits to all, protecting and supporting those who are vulnerable.

As an organisation we work to champion a safe, transparent and innovative banking and finance industry, one that acts always in the best interests of consumers, businesses and wider society.

At UK Finance we offer the opportunity to work with a committed, diverse and engaged group of colleagues, who care deeply about the issues they address and the work they carry out on behalf of members and consumers. 

It is a young organisation, which was set up in 2017 from the merger of six financial trade bodies. There are opportunities for people to grow and develop with the business, playing a key role in the evolution of UK Finance.

And while we expect commitment and dedication from colleagues, we are committed to ensuring that colleagues are treated fairly and supported. Hybrid working is available to all, as are dedicated employee wellbeing services. We offer generous benefits, from pensions to an annual financial contribution towards employees' individual fitness. 

We work hard, but we have a thriving social scene when conditions allow. Regular table tennis tournaments, a book club, Fantasy Football, and a Christmas choirs are among the highlights.