Sustainability Unlocked

Sustainability Unlocked is the future of workplace learning, built by the team behind “The Netflix of financial education”, Finance Unlocked.

Their mission is to empower change through education, by embedding sustainability education into the culture of financial services organisations, and helping them to deliver their sustainable transition to net zero.

Learning topics include the climate crisis, corporate governance, disclosure & reporting, ESG financial markets, renewable energy, social responsibility, and the sustainable workplace.

Introductory video

Why has UK Finance partnered with Sustainability Unlocked?

Over the last 24 months, UK Finance members have continued to request foundational ESG education for all their employees as they aim to:

  • build a solid foundation of ESG and sustainability education across all employees
  • develop a sustainable and responsible culture
  • achieve Net Zero pledges before 2050
  • create a sustainable and socially responsible brand image

We all know that everyone has a responsibility to act, and to take decisions that will support a sustainable, low carbon future. As the collective voice for banking and the finance industry, we want to support the transition to a sustainable financial system.

As our members do, UK Finance believes that education is the catalyst for change towards a sustainable world. Only sustainability education at every organisational level will drive cultural change, and ultimately the action we need to save our planet. 

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