New technology is providing consumers with more choice and a full range of digital channels to make and accept card payments. Uniquely, credit cards also allow customers to borrow to help them to manage their money more easily day-to-day. 

The Cards team at UK Finance covers all aspects of the lifecycle of the Consumer Credit Card both as a source of credit and as a payment mechanism. 

At UK Finance we provide a single, strong voice to help shape industry direction. We help our members navigate through the complex card and credit legislative and regulatory landscape to deliver changes – our expert team provides regular and timely insight and analysis. 

Please find attached the engagement model for Cards at UK Finance.

The Card priorities agreed by the Cards PSB continue to track our core activity around data, debt and credit. They tie to UK Finance’s overarching priorities to support customers and the economic recovery, and to make the case for proportionate and agile regulatory reform (Members only).

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