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Local Cash Recycling

Not all cash is withdrawn by consumers, exchanged for goods or services with a retailer, and then deposited back to the bank to be checked and sorted at a cash centre. Often cash can be locally recycled, for example by becoming ‘float’ in a retailers’ till or self-service machine, before being handed to a later consumer as part of their change, or dispensed through an ATM or self-service checkout. Wherever an individual gets hold of their cash, UK Finance is working to ensure that they can have confidence in the system.  


Authentication of Machine-Dispensed Banknotes

The Code of Conduct for the Authentication of Machine-Dispensed Banknotes

The Code of Conduct for the Authentication of Machine-Dispensed Banknotes aims to ensure notes dispensed from customer-operated cash dispensers (e.g. ATMs or self-service checkouts) are genuine, to help maintain confidence in the currency. If you are responsible for filling a machine that dispenses Bank of England, Scottish or Northern Irish banknotes then you should follow these principles:

  1. Make sure your banknotes are checked by a machine
    Your notes need to be checked by an authentication machine* before you put them in the dispenser. You can do this on site with an approved device, or your note supplier can do it.
  2. Use only genuine banknotes
    Only use notes that a machine has authenticated as genuine.
  3. Maintain your machines
    Maintain your authentication machines according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Take responsibility 
    You must ensure this guidance is followed.

*The machines used to authenticate the notes must be listed on the Machine Testing Framework issued by the Bank of England or the Association for Commercial Banknote Issuers.

The Code is owned by the Bank of England with support from UK Finance. It is sponsored by the British Retail Consortium (BRC), LINK and the Association of Commercial Banknote Issuers (ACBI), on behalf of their members.

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Code Flow Charts


Code of Conduct Compliance

Each year firms operating customer operated cash dispensing machines report their compliance to the code via the British Retail Consortium or LINK. Please see the code document below.

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