Access to Cash Action Group

UK Finance and the largest retail banks and building societies have made five commitments to continue to preserve access to cash for consumers and businesses over the long term to provide certainty that cash access will be available for individuals and businesses to both withdraw and deposit cash, now and in the future.

The industry has committed to:

  • ensuring that cash will be available for those who need it, particularly small businesses, the elderly and vulnerable, when they need it
  • supporting the Community Access to Cash Pilots 
  • working together to consider possible models for future access to cash which addresses changing access requirements and meets the needs of customers and communities
  • protecting current critical cash infrastructure until a viable alternative to cash is available
  • establishing and maintaining a framework to enable early identification of potential cash ‘cold spots’.

This work will build on the insights from the Access to Cash Pilots, which are supporting eight communities across the UK to trial and test different ways to allow people access to cash and will run in parallel to – and inform – the access to cash strategy 2021.

The Access to Cash Action Group will develop and agree the practical details of how access to cash will be protected in the long term. This group will be chaired by Natalie Ceeney CBE, Chair of the Community Access to Cash Pilots Board, with David Postings, CEO, UK Finance acting as deputy chair and will include seniors from firms with the largest networks, the Post Office, LINK and consumer groups 


Press releases

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Meeting minutes

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Community Access to Cash Pilots

The Community Access to Cash Pilots is an independent initiative supported by the major banks, consumer groups, and groups representing small businesses. It is supporting 8 communities across the UK to trial and test scalable solutions to help keep cash sustainable. The results of the pilot will be used to inform regulators and industry alike so that cash can remain a viable mode of payment for consumers across the UK, and so that small businesses are able to continue to accept and bank cash.

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