Invoice Finance and Asset-Based Lending

Trends covering member support for UK companies, through the provision of invoice finance and asset-based lending.  Data is shown across standard industrial categories and across client turnover and sales bands.

Quarterly reports produced by ABFA before the formation of UK Finance are available in the Archived Data are below. Please note that coverage and content may not be consistent with the current basis and this information is used at your own discretion.

Latest Updates

Support for businesses through invoice finance and asset based lending at the end of 2018 stood at £22.7 billion, some two and a half per cent higher than the same period in 2017. Headroom remained for firms with an additional £8.5 billion in undrawn funding available to clients.

The number of businesses using invoice finance and asset based lending during the year remained steady at over 40,000.

The number of larger SMEs (those with turnovers in excess of £10 million per annum) using invoice finance and asset based lending increased by 13 per cent compared to the same month a year ago.

Advances against certain assets other than invoices increased substantially year-on-year, with an 18 per cent rise in lending against stock and 16 per cent increase in lending against plant and machinery.

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