Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit

The Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit (DCPCU) was established in 2002 as a unique, proactive and fully operational police unit with a national remit, formed as a collaboration between UK Finance, the City of London Police and the Metropolitan Police Service.  It is funded by and provides services to the members of UK Finance’s Economic Crime Fraud stream.

The DCPCU has an ongoing brief to investigate, target and, where appropriate, arrest and seek successful prosecution of offenders responsible for fraud affecting the payments, banking and finance industry. In addition to working alongside its funding member institutions, the unit has developed close working partnerships with other key organisations tackling fraud and cybercrime, such as the telecoms industry, social media companies and many others. 

As well as the investigatory work of the unit, the award-winning DCPCU Protect team empowers and educates both the public and members of the banking and finance industry to reduce the prevalence of fraud and cybercrime. Using the unique position of the DCPCU in bringing together law enforcement and the banking and finance industry, the Protect team uses this natural conduit of threat intelligence and information to deliver the most innovative, impactful and timely guidance and awareness.

Since its inception, the DCPCU has achieved industry savings of approximately £750 million through preventing and disrupting fraud. 

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