Sologic are global leaders in Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and have partnered with UK Finance since 2017 to deliver this finance-focussed Advanced Problem-Solving course. This activity-led course is trusted and recommended by leading organisations throughout the world.

RCA is increasingly found to be integrated into financial regulator standards. Across this fascinating 3-part programme delegates will develop the skills required to develop and implement an effective RCA problem-solving method. Sologic RCA has been specifically designed to help professionals working in complex and challenging sectors to solve everything from everyday practical problems through to tough and recurring operational issues. The course delivers logical, theoretical, and analytical expertise in crucial areas including identifying hidden problems, solving systemic challenges, running major investigations, addressing risk, and improving business performance.

?The FCA requires the firm to put in place appropriate management controls and take reasonable steps to ensure that in handling complaints it identifies and remedies any recurring or systemic problems.'  FCA Handbook - Root Cause Analysis and Dispute Resolution.

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand the industry requirement for improved problem-solving skills
  • Recognise and manage common problem-solving obstacles in financial services
  • Describe how RCA supports the wider problem and risk management processes
  • Manage the key elements of effective event/incident facilitation
  • List the critical steps of the Sologic RCA process
  • Understand when to use a formal RCA framework
  • Define the attributes and roles of an effective problem-solving team
  • Develop the ability to gather and manage supporting evidence, data, and insights
  • Demonstrate the ability to define and scope problem definitions and impacts
  • Use powerful, visual, and transferable analytical techniques
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify and critique effective solutions
  • Create and share an effective RCA report
  • Effectively use ?Causelink Desktop? RCA reporting software

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Ed Wells

Ed Wells

Ed Wells, Sologic

Sologic are global specialists in Root Cause Analysis and Structured Problem Solving and lead the way in the provision of knowledge and skills within ...

Sologic are global specialists in Root Cause Analysis and Structured Problem Solving and lead the way in the provision of knowledge and skills within Financial Services.

Ed Wells has been facilitating and training RCA teams nationally and internationally across a spectrum of global organisations and sectors since 2015. He specialises in the application of Root Cause Analysis in the field of customer service, organisational change and high performance.

Ed has seen the enormous difference that an effective RCA process can make to individuals and organisations. Ed brings this extensive knowledge and experience to his work in delivering training and improving performance. He enjoys provoking enquiry, challenging assumptions and providing insight into the problems encountered in organisations. His style of training is described as motivational and thought-provoking, embracing the active learning principles. Throughout the training and development that he facilitates he encourages the people he works with to make meaningful changes to their work, processes and behaviours using the key principles of Root Cause Analysis.

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