Newly appointed credit analysts need to get to grips very quickly with the skills and capabilities required to perform (sometimes quickly) a level of financial analysis to assess the credit risk of a business. Reliance on external agencies is simply not sufficient.

This introductory and very practical briefing will walk delegates through the introductory phases and will be a highly practical and interactive session. Some pre webinar work will be expected of the attendees. 


  • Accounting principles e.g. accruals, going concern, true and fair, etc.
  • The regulatory environment (briefly) 
  • The main statutory statements 
  • Constructing a profit and loss and balance sheet - the connections and impact between them
  • Cash vs profits 
  • Depreciation and amortisation 
  • Working capital understanding 
  • Why businesses fail
  • Introduction to financial ratios 
  • Numerous case work to embed the learning 

The Business Customer Risk Focus Series:

This workshop is one episode from within our Business Customer Risk Focus series. To view the full series click here. The other episodes in the series include:

  • Workshop Two - 15 October 2020 | 10:00 - 11:30 -  Advanced Financial Analysis - Part 1
    For credit analysts who are happy with the fundamentals of accounting statements this practical briefing will provide you with new tools to quickly go through a set of accounts and assess the risks including; a framework for analysis, debt rating agencies, linking non financials with financial analysis and typical ratios.

  • Workshop Three - 26 October 2020 | 10:00 - 11:30 -  Advanced Financial Analysis - Part 2
    Part two of the advanced financial analysis session will include; debt capacity calculations, EBITDA vs free cash flow, creative accounting, and identifying financial difficulties.

  • Workshop Four -  4 November 2020 | 10:00 - 11:30 - Understanding Customer Risk
    Thorough financial analysis has always been critical to understanding the risk of lending to a customer. But this is only half the story. Full understanding of the customer risk is key before any financials get looked at, otherwise numbers will just be numbers. Many investment analysts make the point that if they don't understand the source of competitive advantage of a business there is no point looking at the numbers. This workshop will walk participants through a rigorous framework to assess these so called 'non financial' risks. It will be very interactive with a few plenary discussions. 


The series includes four 90 minute workshops over four days. The workshops are standalone so can be attended independently, but our recommendation is for your organisation to send colleagues to all four - the same staff member does not need to attend each workshop meaning the most appropriate colleague can attend each one. The 'Full Series' price is the most cost effective option.

  • Full Series Price: Firms can purchase the full series to be taken by the relevant colleagues across the business. Members: £325 / Non-members: £525
  • Individual workshops: Tickets for individual workshops can be purchased, however the organisation price (above) is cheaper. Each workshop price is Members: £99 / Non-members: £149

Any questions?:

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This is exactly what I was looking for. I think Jean is an excellent teacher/host and really knows his profession, industry etc and it's a pleasure to learn from him. Recoveries Manager, Cynergy Bank

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Jean Pousson

Jean Pousson

Director & Founding Shareholder, Board Evaluation Limited

Jean Pousson is a Director and founding shareholder of Board Evaluation Limited, a specialised consultancy practice set up in 2011 which provides boar...

Jean Pousson is a Director and founding shareholder of Board Evaluation Limited, a specialised consultancy practice set up in 2011 which provides board evaluation, strategic health checks, and various training and consultancy services to an international client base. He is a regular contributor to strategy and finance programmes run by The Institute of Directors, where he is one of their senior consultants.

Jean previously held the position of Director of Studies at the TSB Group Management College where he was responsible for overall academic leadership, but with direct responsibility for finance and strategy programmes and consultancy activities.

For the last 32 years, Jean has lectured and consulted on issues of strategic planning and implementation, credit risk and finance to an international client base consisting of financial services organisations, SME's, multinationals, charities, housing associations, professional firms and public sector bodies. Some examples of past and present clients include: UK Finance, Credit Suisse AG, Lloyds Bank plc, MBNA Europe Limited, Paypal Europe, RBS plc, and Worldpay. He has lectured in over 34 countries.

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