The question all relevant firms should be asking themselves  is “if the FCA came in tomorrow would we be able to competently answer their ten Consumer Duty questions with supporting evidence?”

This half day workshop will take you through what the regulator will be looking for to give you reassurance that your house is in order should the FCA come knocking. What we understand so far is the Supervisory visits that have already been booked for September and beyond are Consumer Duty based.

The shift towards outcome-based regulation, is a significant undertaking. Consumer Duty will succeed or fail based on how the FCA supervise and enforce it - that tells you the following:

  • The FCA are going to monitor how well firms have implemented the requirements  
  • Firms and senior managers will be on the receiving end of heavy enforcement if they are found not to have embraced the Customer Duty requirements.

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Discuss the expected answers to the FCA’s ten questions
  • Confirm the type of evidence required
  • Explore the MI Dashboard requirements
  • Identify gaps you may have in your implementation of the Duty

Take this training in-house:

This training is also available as an in-house programme, which means you can tailor it to exactly what you and your colleagues require. Pricing for in-house will depend on what is required. Enquire about this option by contacting our training team.

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