IF/ABL learning and development courses

The UK Finance Learning Hub hosts the IF/ABL specific interactive courses to help grow and develop your knowledge in the industry, as well as the Foundation, Certificate and Diploma qualifications.

IF/ABL Introduction webinars


These four, free webinars are suitable for anyone new or fairly new to the IF/ABL industry.

They focus on providing a helpful insight into the industry, the various products offered by IF/ABL providers, how these products can support businesses and some of the ways IF/ABL providers manage their risk.


IF/ABL Webinar videos

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IF/ABL Foundation Course 2024


IF/ABL Foundation Course 2024

This is the ideal course for newcomers to the invoice finance and asset based lending industry who wish to gain industry knowledge.

The Foundation course is the 1st level of the UK Finance’s IF/ABL distance learning programme and provides an overview of the invoice finance and asset based lending industry including a brief history of the industry, the products, the benefits to clients and the methods that the industry uses to finance clients whilst protecting its investment.

It is designed to assist staff to obtain a general understanding of the workings of the industry together with an increased awareness of clients’ expectations and issues.

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IF/ABL Certificate Course 2024


The Certificate course is available to start at anytime throughout the year. The course follows a modularised concept and is structured by way of individual modules.

The course looks in detail at the management and control of invoice financing and asset based lending and is designed to provide a targeted but rounded qualification.

As a course of study, it is aimed to help students build their skills, knowledge and understanding of the industry in specific areas.

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IF/ABL Diploma: Financial Understanding 2024


This Diploma focuses on the asset-based finance industry and is designed to lay the foundations for a successful career in management. Registrations for this course ends 3 October 2024.

The module begins with an overview of bookkeeping, followed by a detailed explanation of the main financial statements, cashflow forecasts, accounting standards, ratios and trends.

The course aims to give students an in-depth understanding of the various financial statements regardless of their layout, and the ability to highlight trends or issues when dealing with prospects or clients in the asset-based lending industry.


Invoice finance and asset-based lending are types of finance used by tens of thousands of businesses of all sizes in the UK. The Standards Framework sets and enforces the standards that clients of UK Finance's IF/ABL members can expect when using them. Learn more on our Standard Frameworks page.


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