The Diploma is primarily aimed at students operating at manager level and above within the invoice finance and asset-based lending (IF/ABL) industry.


There are three levels of qualification available within UK Finance's IF/ABL Diploma structure. Students must complete the following modules to obtain a specific level of the Diploma qualification:

1. Diploma Qualification

  • Certificate Course and any one Diploma module, or
  • Any two Diploma modules

2. Higher Diploma

  •  Certificate Course and any two Diploma modules

3. Diploma with Honours

  • All three Diploma modules

Successful students completing the whole course (Diploma with Honours) will be awarded a 'pass', 'credit' or 'distinction', and students will be able to use the designatory letters 'Dip. IFABL'.

About this module

The course starts on 1 December 2022 and the examination will take place in November 2023. This module of the Diploma enables students to develop a thorough understanding of invoice finance and covers the following legal aspects of invoice finance:

  • Business Structures    
  • Contract Law    
  • Sale of Goods and Services    
  • Financier's Ownership of Debts    
  • Debts Purchase Agreements    
  • Guarantees and Indemnities    
  • Debentures as Additional Security    
  • Statutes Directly Affecting Invoice Financiers    
  • Legal Problem Areas – Debtors and Third Parties    
  • Protecting the Funds in Use    
  • International Factoring    
  • Court Proceedings Against Debtors and Guarantors

Study Time:

Each of the modules is designed to cover a 26-week study plan assuming a study time of approximately four hours per week.


For each of the Distance Learning modules, students will receive a comprehensive workbook and study guide. Assignments will be set during the study period for students to submit for assessment. At the end of the study period, students sit a formal examination.

Other Diploma Modules include: