Mental Capacity, Mental Health and other Decision-Making Limitations Toolkit

In response to a growing understanding of the difficulties faced by consumers experiencing impaired mental health, limited mental capacity or other decision-making limitations, UK Finance has worked with consumer experts and a dedicated project group to seek areas of potential for alignment which could help drive a more consistent experience and outcome for customers in these circumstances.

New guide for small businesses opening a business current account

Small business owners preparing to open or switch to a new business current account can now do so more easily, as account providers now require the same basic set of information from new customers.

The streamlined checklist is included in a new online guide launched by UK Finance, providing the essential details and documents that most businesses will need to open an account, so those applying can be ready for their first bank meeting.

Has your payment bounced?

Helping customers manage their payments to avoid fees caused by bounced payments

This guide helps to explain how customers can manage their account to avoid fees caused by bounced payments.