2021 Half Year Fraud Report

The pandemic has seen an evolution in fraud as criminals continuously look for new ways to target potential victims

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Economic Crime Congress - 13 to 24 September 2021

This event will once again bring together senior figures from across the landscape to discuss the most pressing and topical issues

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Cash and Cash Machines 2021

Detailed analysis of how and where we obtained and spent cash in the UK during 2020, including analysis of cash machines in the UK

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Risk and Resilience Academy - 28 SEPTEMBER - 21 OCTOBER 2021

Exploring principles involved in enabling a resilient culture to guide your organisation through the new operational resilience policies.

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Vulnerability Academy – 7 OCTOBER 2021 TO 9 FEBRUARY 2022

Our Vulnerability Academy will ensure firms are prepared to meet the challenges as cases of financial vulnerability continue to increase

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Fraud the Facts 2021

Our Fraud – the Facts 2021 report highlights that last year the banking industry worked hard throughout the pandemic to protect customers from fraud and to go after the criminals behind it, with over £1.6 billion of fraud stopped in 2020. However, criminals turned to online and technology-enabled scams to exploit people’s fears about the Covid-19 pandemic, using digital platforms to target victims directly and tricking them into giving away their money or information, avoiding banks’ security measures.

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