In response to a growing understanding of the difficulties faced by consumers experiencing impaired mental health, limited mental capacity or other decision-making limitations, UK Finance has worked with consumer experts and a dedicated project group to seek areas of potential for alignment which could help drive a more consistent experience and outcome for customers in these circumstances.

Following in-depth consideration and a review of relevant legislation, regulation and the wider landscape of activity in this space, as well as a review of the plethora of existing good practice guidance and tools designed to help navigate through difficult conversations, we have developed a combined frontline and policy toolkit. This aims to achieve greater industry alignment in the understanding and awareness that decision-making limitations may manifest at any point in the customer journey. It will also direct members to existing tools and guidance which can help colleagues better support customers’ needs.

The frontline toolkit and the policy toolkit are now available for UK Finance members to use, either as a standalone toolkit to help shape your approach to supporting consumers facing these challenges, or as part of your existing toolkits, filling in any gaps in terms of understanding or guidance.

Mental Capacity, Mental Health and other Decision-Making Limitations Toolkit