Culture is key: Building and maintaining culture in the "new normal?

The internet is a sure-fire way to find trends relating to the impacts of long-term remote working. You will find a stream of articles offering you tips and tricks on how to manage working from home, such as ways to spend your ?virtual-commute?, proper Zoom etiquette, and even how to ?feng-shui? your home office. UK Finance's goal in December was to explore the impacts on our membership, specifically how it had changed the way organisations thought about their culture.

On an unprecedented scale, firms are discussing how to build culture outside of their traditional offices and into the homes of their employees. To explore this, we hosted a roundtable for 35 financial services firms and asked them to think about one question: how do you build and maintain culture in the ?new normal?? Members were joined by partners from EY and Microsoft who shared their ideas on how to reimagine the workplace, highlighted emerging trends and explored ways in which a ?virtual? culture can work for both business and employee.

One key takeaway from the session was the idea of building a hybrid workplace. Many feel that a return to the traditional office is unlikely, and while the last ten months have seen firms adapting positively and quickly to the cultural demands of remote working, access to a communal workplace retains many benefits. Team building in the office, creating the foundations of culture between people, and letting that develop through flexible work patterns are just some of the many ways to embrace a hybrid approach.

Adapting not just to the present, but also to when a return to the office is once again in motion will be a long process for firms. We have no doubt that our members will meet the challenges with innovative solutions. UK Finance will continue to support firms in this area, including arranging another roundtable closer to the summer in which firms will be able to compare and contrast their experiences from then since December. Please reach out if you would like to be included in this session or if you have any questions.


UK Finance has two upcoming Academies that will address these themes. The Conduct and Culture Academy (April) will help delegates exceed regulatory expectations, and provide the practical skills needed to effect the changes in conduct risk management and culture required by a regulated firm's board. 

Our Risk and Resilience Academy (March) will enable delegates to develop frameworks, practices, and behaviours that instil operational resilience disciplines across their firm.

Registration for both Academies is now open. 

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