Digital Innovation Summit: reimagining financial services

Like every organisation, UK Finance has had to respond and adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic. This has meant transforming our annual Digital Innovation Summit - UK Finance's flagship technology event - from a one-day get together to a three-week online event running from 2 -20 November.

Change can bring challenge, but also opportunity. By moving to a virtual event, we have been able to broaden the content available to participants. This year the Summit has seven content streams across themes including Innovation in Practice, Digital Strategy, Ethical AI, Mortgage Tech, Payments Tech, and Economic Crime, each featuring industry experts discussing what digital disruption means for them and how digitisation, innovation, and transformation are changing their business models.

We?re covering a wide range of topics across each stream. My personal highlight so far has been discussing digital identity with Matthew Warman MP, Minister for Digital Infrastructure at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). Enabling the creation of a digital identity ecosystem across the UK is a priority for the government, and it was great to hear directly from the minister about the ambitious set of proposals that the DCMS is taking forward to progress this. I also enjoyed speaking with Dr Adrian Weller, Programme Director for AI at the Alan Turing Institute and board member for the Centre of Data Ethics and Innovation (CDEI). Dr Weller talked about the role and objectives of the CDEI and shared his perspective on the societal benefits that might be realised through the effective and ethical deployment of AI. Data ethics also emerged as an important theme in the Strategic Priorities keynote panel discussion with David Duffy, CEO of Virgin Money, Jaidev Janardana, Group CEO of Zopa and Jeni Mundy, UK MD, Visa Europe.

With more than 40 sessions and over 100 speakers the Summit offers something for everyone. There are various sessions that I plan to watch, and I?m particularly interested in a panel discussion that will take place on Thursday 12 November as part of the Innovation in Practice stream. This will focus on RoI - the Return on Innovation - and how financial services firms are approaching innovation and the investment this requires. Given the challenging economic conditions of the present time, this is a critical consideration for many firms, and it promises to be a fascinating conversation between Duncan Cockburn, CEO of OneBanks and Andra Schoener, Head of Solution Architecture at FintechOS.

All sessions and content are free for members and associate members. If you have yet to register you can do so here. All previously broadcast sessions at UK Finance's Digital Innovation Summit will be available on demand until 20 November.

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