The EU Settlement Scheme

The EU Settlement Scheme opened fully on Saturday 30 March. Our understanding is that over 50,000 applications were received on the opening weekend of the scheme going live, bringing the total number of applications made to more than 280,000.

With the scheme up and running, the Home Office this week has published an updated communications toolkit for employers.

The toolkit is designed to help employers spread the word amongst their employees about the availability of the EU Settlement Scheme. It has been designed for sharing via newsletters, social media, or any other channels you may have. The aim is to ensure that employers and EU citizens have access to the important information they need.

The new toolkit includes:

  • Toolkit introduction - specific information for employers outlining how they can use the toolkit to help them communicate
  • Briefing pack - contains key information about the EU Settlement Scheme and can be used for presentations, face-to-face events or webinars with EU citizens
  • Leaflets, factsheets and application flowcharts - materials for EEA and Swiss citizens focusing on eligibility requirements, how to apply and the support services available
  • Posters - provide key information on timelines and why EU citizens need to apply
  • Downloadable videos - to advertise the scheme on social media and other platforms Click here to download (the link will be valid for five days only so please save the files)
  • Z-card handout - details about the scheme in a handy format for European citizens

The EU Settlement Scheme will remain open until 30 June 2021 unless the UK leaves the EU without a deal, in which case applications will only be accepted from relevant people living in the UK by 12 April 2019 and the deadline will be 31 December 2020.


Guidance is now available on GOV.UK in 23 official EU languages, as well as Norwegian, Icelandic and Welsh. There are also other translated assets, which include:

  • EU Settlement Scheme campaign poster
  • Video about the scheme and how to apply
  • One-page factsheet

The Home Office will be producing further translated communications materials to ensure that guidance around the EU Settlement Scheme is accessible to all.