Let's Talk Business - a guide for those looking for assistance

2020 has been a year of great uncertainty. With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the end of the Brexit transition period fast approaching, businesses may be finding it difficult to navigate these circumstances and prepare for the future.

Access to finance is one of the main issues SMEs may have to work through, so it is important to consider any funding requirements as early as possible. UK Finance's Let's Talk Business guide, which can be found on our website, is an important starting point for businesses looking for assistance. It features a ten-point checklist and a list of frequently asked questions aimed at helping businesses prepare and access the finance they need.

Lenders have approved finance for almost 1.5 million businesses through government-backed coronavirus loan schemes, with bank staff working tirelessly to ensure companies can access the support they need. These schemes are just one part of a wide package of measures from the banking and finance industry that includes commercial lending, capital repayment holidays, extended overdrafts and invoice finance facilities.

The banking and finance industry is here to help you prepare, so Let's Talk Business:

T - Take time to think about how your customers and suppliers could be affected by any upcoming changes, so you are prepared for the potential impact.

A - Ask your bank or finance provider early on if you think you might need additional finance, or changes in your current facilities. The earlier you engage with providers the better - start by checking your provider's website for details of the support available.

L - Look into alternative finance options. Most applications are successful but if your first choice doesn't work out there are many different providers out there.

K - Know where to go for more information to help your business. Whether you are looking to export for the first time or wondering how to manage changes to your supply chain, the information on this site aims to provide what you need.

Banks and finance providers stand ready to support viable businesses and there is a wide range of advice, guidance and finance options available.

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