Is your bank's prudential risk management framework responding to the latest market and regulatory challenges?

Banks - large and small alike - are arguably today facing a very challenging operating environment. The combination of onerous regulatory compliance requirements (the result of the global financial crisis of 2008) and the current low interest rate, quasi recessionary environment has generated significant issues that banks must overcome to remain viable and play their part in building back better. Competition from ?fintech?, and the rise of institutions such as Ant Group in Asia and Nubank in Latin America, suggests that the next existential crisis for banks may come about sooner rather than later.

All of this points to an immediate and urgent need for banks to manage their balance sheets as efficiently as possible. Balance sheet ?optimisation?, meeting the needs of stakeholders ranging from customers to regulators to shareholders, requires banks to manage their capital and liquidity resources effectively. Senior executives in banks spend as much time on regulatory compliance as they do on any other area, including creating new business opportunities from a balance sheet management perspective. It is important to make the regulatory submissions process as efficient as possible.

UK Finance's Prudential Risk series of workshops addresses these current challenges and seeks to provide practical solutions that are of direct relevance to senior managers. Their purpose is to demonstrate good practice and illustrate how to implement it. Among other things, the series workshops will address:

  • the role of the asset-liability committee (ALCO) and good governance in managing the bank's balance sheet
  • principles and good practice in the capital adequacy, liquidity adequacy (ICAAP/ILAAP) and recovery plan submission process, including current areas of focus of the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and how to ensure an efficient and effective board review and challenge process.

An additional important requirement of the incoming Capital Requirements Directive (CRDV)  legislation will be addressed in a separate workshop on interest-rate risk in the banking book (IRRBB), covering good practice in ensuring regulatory compliance.

The primary objective of the Prudential Risk series is to address the current regulatory compliance and balance sheet management challenges of UK banks. In today's highly competitive market environment, bank senior executives will surely wish to address them in the most time-efficient and practical way possible.


2021 Prudential Risk Workshop Series

  1. Asset Liability Committee (ALCO) Governance Framework Best Practice ? 25 February / 20 September
  2. ICAAP Best Practice Principles ? 15 March / 13 October
  3. ILAAP Best Practice Principles ? 14 April / 28 October
  4. Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book (IRRBB) ? 5 May / 8 November
  5. Recovery and Resolution Planning Principles ? 14 June / 24 November
  6. Bank Funds Transfer Pricing Best Practice Principles - 6 December
  7. Fundamentals of Integrated Balance Sheet Management ? 25 June / 13 December

Speak with us about available discounts if booking more than one workshop in the series (five per cent off if you book two workshops, ten per cent off if your book three workshops, and if you book four or more, we?ll give you one free).

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