Dr. Justine Walker

Director, Sanctions Policy

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Justine Walker has overall responsibility for the UK Finance programme on international sanctions compliance. Regarded as a global specialist in economic sanctions she has acted as a national expert on financing of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) matters, sits on numerous international financial sanctions expert groups and is chair of the European Banking Federation’s group on financial sanctions.  Justine has held senior policy positions in the UK Financial Services Authority and the UK Treasury’s Counter Terrorist and Proliferation Financing Branch, she has further acted as an IMF advisor on the Nigerian anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing capacity building programme. Formerly based in Central Asia with the United Nations, she worked on programmes surrounding weapons and drugs trafficking, corruption and terrorist financing.

Justine has extensive experience of working with foreign governments, international bodies and financial institutions. This includes acting as an independent expert to the UN and other bodies on the promotion of payment channels in support of permissible international humanitarian activity within sanctioned and fragile jurisdictions, particularly Syria. On behalf of the Alliance for Financial Inclusion and under the auspices of the German G20 Presidency, she prepared the special report on access to finance for forcibly displaced persons. She is author of the ICA 2017 Advanced International Sanctions Compliance Certificate and has contributed to numerous publications on counter proliferation financing and the management of high risk sanctions scenarios. Justine holds a PhD from the University of St Andrews and an MSc from the University of Edinburgh.