Nearly £71 billion provided to over 1.5 million businesses by lenders through Covid-19 loan schemes

  • HM Treasury figures published today reveal that the banking and finance industry has approved nearly £71 billion to over 1.5 million businesses so far through government-backed coronavirus lending schemes.
  • The Bounce Back Loan Scheme (BBLS) has supported over 1.47 million small businesses affected by the pandemic with nearly £45 billion of finance. 
  • The Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) has provided finance to over 87,000 businesses. 
  • £5.1 billion in lending to larger businesses has been provided through the Coronavirus Large Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CLBILS). 

Figures published today by HM Treasury show that over 1.5 million businesses across the country have been supported by the UK's banking and finance industry through government-backed lending schemes. 

Over 39,000 small enterprises have received a Bounce Back Loan over the past month, with a total of 1.47 million businesses accessing the scheme since it launched in May last year. This total includes the 83,173 businesses which have opted to 'top-up? their Bounce Back Loans to the full £50,000, or a maximum of 25 per cent of their turnover if lower, available through the scheme.  

Over 87,000 businesses have been supported through the CBIL scheme, whilst the Coronavirus Large Business Interruption Loan Scheme has provided over £5.1 billion in financing to almost 700 larger firms. 

The vast majority of UK businesses have an existing relationship with at least one of the 29 lenders accredited to the BBL scheme, or the 118 lenders now accredited to the CBIL scheme. 

Government-backed loans are just one part of the industry's plan to support businesses across the UK. Lenders continue to provide a range of additional measures, including working capital extensions, overdraft extensions and capital repayment holidays. The industry will continue to support businesses over the coming year as economic uncertainty persists as a result of the pandemic. 

Stephen Pegge, Managing Director of Commercial Finance at UK Finance, said: 

The UK's banking and finance industry remains committed to helping businesses of all sizes through the crisis. 

?Over 1.5 million businesses have now received nearly £71 billion worth of support through the government-backed loan schemes, demonstrating the unprecedented level of support provided to UK enterprises by the industry.  

?As economic uncertainty due to the pandemic continues, many individual businesses and some specific sectors are facing significant and extended disruption and may find themselves in financial difficulty. With widespread restructuring and recovery situations expected, the finance sector and related professional services are focused on providing the capacity and expertise to help support the turnaround of companies where possible, while ensuring the sympathetic treatment of those businesses which are no longer viable.

Case Studies 

Please find a selection of case studies below which are available for interview. For further information, please contact the UK Finance press office on 020 7416 6750 or email 

Bounce Back Loan Scheme (BBLS) 

Cairngorm Reindeer - Scotland 

Cairngorm Reindeer, an animal park in Scotland, used a BBLS loan from Lloyds Bank to expand its ?Adopt a Reindeer? scheme, allowing fans and patrons of the park to continue supporting the business throughout the pandemic. 

Afrocenchix - London 

Afrocenchix, a fast-growing hair products business based in London, secured a BBLS loan with Starling Bank in order to meet growing customer demand throughout the pandemic, and ensure the enterprise had adequate cash flow to pay their team as they expanded. 

Greycat Associates - North Lincolnshire 

Greycat Associates, a sports consultancy based in North Lincolnshire, applied for a BBLS facility with Starling Bank in order to support the business through the pandemic. Without it, the business, which consults for clients including hospitality firms and sports venues, would have been unable to continue operating as normal due to lockdown restrictions. 

Pixelfish - Bristol 

Pixelfish, a brand and website design studio in Bristol, secured a BBLS facility with Starling Bank to serve as a safety net to ensure it could cover cash flow needs throughout the pandemic. However, the additional financing has facilitated further growth - with the business taking on two new hires and securing additional work in recent months. 


Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) 

Cara Stationers - London 

Cara Stationers, a supply business based in London, has used a £5 million invoice finance facility and £225,000 CBILS loan from Lloyds Bank to cover business costs, continue with ongoing projects, and pay its own suppliers. 


Other Lending 

Northbrook Arms - Winchester 

The Northbrook Arms, a hospitality and leisure business in Winchester, secured a £380,000 loan facility from Lloyds Bank to expand the business, create five new holiday cottages, and renovate the site's original buildings. 

HRJ Properties - North West 

HRJ Properties, a property business in the North West of England, used £350,000 in Clean Growth Finance Initiative funding provided by Lloyds Bank to reinstate a historic hydroelectric system, which uses a nearby reservoir to provide heat and energy.  

Globus Group - Manchester 

Globus Group, a PPE manufacturer based in Manchester, is using a £70 million finance facility from HSBC UK to create two new world-class manufacturing facilities, which will make 1.3 billion specialist masks for frontline NHS staff at the new plants in Dumfries and Warrington, and create over 600 new jobs.  

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<li>Regional analysis of coronavirus loan schemes by the British Business Bank is available <a href="…;
<li>A list of lenders accredited to the BBL scheme can be found <a href="…;. A list of lenders accredited to the CBIL scheme can be found <a href="…;. </li>
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<li>Nearly £71 billion of lending to more than 1.5 million businesses through government Covid-19 lending schemes </li>
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7. The government?s <a href="… finder?</a> tool can help businesses and self-employed people across the UK to quickly and easily determine what financial support is available to them during the coronavirus pandemic<strong>.</strong> </p>