UK Finance Brexit Reports

UK Finance commissions and publishes reports as part of our work to represent the banking and finance industry. These include policy papers, thought-leadership and research reports. They are available here for download by our members, the wider industry, policymakers, regulators and the general public. All of these reports are free to download, unless otherwise stated.

UK Finance Brexit Quick Briefs

UK Finance Brexit Quick Briefs are a series of short papers intended to inform readers about key commercial, regulatory and political considerations around Brexit. While they are focused on banking, many of the issues discussed have wider relevance. Each BQB may be read on its own or in conjunction with other papers in the series. It is intended to expand the series as further topics of significance are identified.

  • No interruptions – Options for the future UK-EU data-sharing relationship
    The United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union will transform the way personal data is shared between the two parties from a relationship based on a deeply integrated single legal framework to one between two separate jurisdictions.
  • Supporting Europe’s Economies and Citizens
    The UK is currently the second largest exporter of services worldwide. Tens of thousands of customers and billions of euros of banking and capital markets products and services are reliant on the UK remaining Europe’s most interconnected financial centre.
  • Serving Europe: Navigating the legislative landscape from outside the single market
    UK Finance’s ‘Serving Europe: Navigating the legislative landscape from outside the single market’ report has been produced to close an important gap in the developing public analysis and understanding of the implications of Brexit for EU customers of UK-based banks.
  • Time to adapt
    The UK has voted to leave the European Union (EU). The UK and the EU27 must now work together to agree a new, successful, partnership that works for UK and EU customers, businesses and the economy. The shape of this new relationship will have enormous influence upon the future for the UK and the EU27.
  • UK exit from the EU: An orderly transition for banking
    Brexit will inevitably bring with it changes to the way goods and services are traded between the UK and the continuing Member States of the EU. If these changes happen suddenly, there is a serious risk of disruption to businesses and their customers.
Brexit Reports & Quick Briefs
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