The latest UK Finance data and statistics on:

High Street Banking, SME lending, Invoice Finance and Asset Based Lending, Mortgages, Payments, Fraud and more.


UK Finance produces regular statistics describing the finance and banking industry, including household activity in mortgages and unsecured borrowing, payments and cards.  Whether on the High Street or in the wider marketplace of product and service providers, we offer insight into routine customer behaviour and the fraud that occurs around personal accounts.

Business finance also features in our data, particularly for small businesses up and down the country and across the full range of industry sectors.

Our calendar of data releases is available here:

Date Title of release Data for Category
16 January 2018 Lending Trends November Mortgages
25 January 2018 Update on Lending* December Update on Lending
8 February 2018 Arrears and Possessions Q4 Mortgages
13 February 2018 Lending Trends December Mortgages
21 February 2018 Regional Lending Trends Q4 2017 Mortgages
26 February 2018 Update on Lending December Mortgages and High Street Banking
28 February 2018 Banking Support for SMEs in Great Britain Q4 2017 Business Support
28 February 2018 Banking Support for SMEs in Northern Ireland Q4 2017 Business Support
14 March 2018 Lending Trends January Mortgages
26 March 2018 Update on Lending February Update on Lending
3 April 2018 Postcode Lending Q3 2017 Postcode Lending
17 April 2018 Lending Trends February Mortgages
26 April 2018 Economic View Update March Update on Lending
26 April 2018 Business Finance Update March Business Support
26 April 2018 Household Finance Update March High Street Banking
10 May 2018 Arrears and Possessions Q1 Mortgages
16 May 2018 Lending Trends March Mortgages
23 May 2018 Regional Lending Trends Q1 2018 Mortgages
25 May 2018 Economic View Update April Update on Lending
25 May 2018 Business Finance Update April Business Support
25 May 2018 Household Finance Update April High Street Banking
14 June 2018 Lending Trends April Mortgages
26 June 2018 Economic View Update May Update on Lending
26 June 2018 Business Finance Update May Business Support
26 June 2018 Household Finance Update May High Street Banking
2 July 2018 Postcode Lending Q4 2017 Postcode Lending
12 July 2018 Lending Trends May 2017 Mortgages
25 July 2018 Economic View Update June Update on Lending
25 July 2018 Business Finance Update June Business Support
25 July 2018 Household Finance Update June High Street Banking
9 August 2018 Arrears and Possessions Q2 2018 Mortgages
14 August 2018 Lending Trends June Mortgages
22 August 2018 Regional Lending Trends Q2 2018 Mortgages
24 August 2018 Economic View Update July Update on Lending
24 August 2018 Business Finance Update July Business Support
24 August 2018 Household Finance Update July High Street Banking
31 August 2018 Banking Support for SMEs in Great Britain Q2 2018 Business Support
31 August 2018 Banking Support for SMEs in Northern Ireland Q2 2018 Business Support
12 September 2018 Lending Trends July Mortgages
26 September 2018 Economic View Update August Update on Lending
26 September 2018 Business Finance Update August Business Support
26 September 2018 Household Finance Update August High Street Banking
1 October 2018 Postcode Lending Q1 2018 Postcode Lending
16 October 2018 Lending Trends August Mortgages
24 October 2018 Economic View Update September Update on Lending
24 October 2018 Business Finance Update September Business Support
24 October 2018 Household Finance Update September High Street Banking
8 November 2018 Arrears and Possessions Q3 2018 Mortgages
13 November 2018 Lending Trends September Mortgages
21 November 2018 Regional Lending Trends Q3 2018 Mortgages
26 November 2018 Economic View Update October Update on Lending
26 November 2018 Business Finance Update October Business Support
26 November 2018 Household Finance Update October High Street Banking
7 December 2018 Banking Support for SMEs in Great Britain Q3 2018 Business Support
7 December 2018 Banking Support for SMEs in Northern Ireland Q3 2018 Business Support
12 December 2018 Lending Trends October Mortgages
28 December 2018 Economic View Update November Update on Lending
28 December 2018 Business Finance Update November Business Support
28 December 2018 Household Finance Update November High Street Banking
2 January 2019 Postcode Lending Q2 2018 Postcode Lending

*   UK Finance Update on Lending brings together data from High Street Banks previously published by the BBA, plus gross lending and mortgage market commentary previously published by the Council of Mortgage Lenders. You can access previous mortgage commentary here and high street banking data here.