We publish data on credit, debit and charge cards use in the UK.  Monthly content includes plastic card transactions processed by banks and other financial institutions (merchant acquirers), with spending volumes and values broken down into the UK’s principal retail and services sectors covering over 100 merchant categories.

Card market trends – Quarterly – Underlying trends in the use of plastic cards, based on the monthly datasets we publish, annual comparisons, average transaction amounts and market interest rates.

Debit Card Report – Monthly – Information on debit card usage including the number of cards in issue in the UK and domestic and international spending volumes and values. The data is sourced from UK debit card issuers.

Card Expenditure Statistics – Monthly – Payment card expenditure data as reported by the financial institutions that process card transactions, known as merchant acquirers. The figures include the value and volume of debit and credit card transactions, alongside sector breakdowns of the principle UK retail and service sectors with a detailed analysis covering over 100 merchant categories.

Contactless Cards – Monthly – Trends in the number of contactless cards issued in the UK and growth in their use, including volumes and value of spending, average transaction amounts and the number of contactless enabled point of sale terminals owned by acquirers.

Total market credit card statistics – Monthly – Spending and borrowing on credit cards issued to UK residents. Number and value of purchases, cash withdrawals and balance transfers, percentage of balances bearing interest.