The common myth that Culture and Behaviour within regulated firms can’t accurately be measured has been shattered by introduction of new powerful analytics tools. These tools provide insights into not only how and where people-related risks are most likely to occur, but also why.

This behaviour-based evaluation, effectively turns organisational culture from an abstract concept, into measurable metrics and hence a valuable source of management information. Most significantly, this approach not only provides evidence for the regulator, of a firm’s commitment to developing a sound culture, it actually addresses the behaviours the regulators are trying to stamp out or improve.

Alongside this, Corporate culture is one of the most critical levers for creating shareholder value and driving organisational performance, yet is also the most underutilised by companies. Culture has a powerful effect on organisational performance, helping to make or break even the most articulate business strategy or the most experienced leadership teams. A healthy culture can encourage customer satisfaction, growth, market leadership, digital transformation and innovation. Whilst a misaligned or toxic culture can weaken organisational performance, diminish customer loyalty, deflate employee engagement, increase risk and, in the worst case, even destroy the organisation.


For too long firms have struggled to answer:

  • What is the current culture of the organisation and how aligned is it with our strategy?
  • What is the gap between our current and desired culture?
  • What are the behavioural changes required to drive culture change to achieve our strategy?
  • How well does our organisational structure and practises support our ideal culture and minimise risk

Not any more….these questions can and will be answered in this in depth 1 day introduction to behavioural analytics that will equip you with the tools and methods for:

  • identifying, evaluating and reporting on data to help their firms adopt a pro-active approach to manage corporate culture.
  • measuring both the culture of your organisation and those of the individual— determine the behavioural factors driving outcomes.
  • using people analytics to measure and improve culture
  • evidencing how analytics can help achieve the firm’s strategic objectives


By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Assess the gap between current behaviours and expected standards that needs to be evaluated and addressed if organisations are to see genuine improvements in culture.
  • Recognise how to identify and isolate data and analytics in your firm to effectively measure and analyse the behaviours which underpin your corporate culture.
  • Understand how the “place” and its “people’s” behaviours are leading indicators of outcomes
  • Leverage metrics to create a positive culture that improves performance


Registration: 09:00
Start: 09:30
Close: 12:30

Lunch will be served and there will be two 15 minute breaks (mid-morning, mid-afternoon).

* Please note that the programme sequence and/or subject matter may differ from what is presented herein; the programme is constantly being updated to embrace new ideas and developments – as they evolve.

Trainers use a blend of presentational methods in order to assist in a delegate’s understanding of the workshop content; where applicable and possible, the workshop is enhanced through the use of group exercises, role play, and case studies.


Hani Nabeel

Hani is the architect of the award winning CultureScope behavioural analytics. CultureScope is based on a seven-year research study with over 51,000 participants, in 61 countries across 60 organisations. Hani’s academic record include an MSc. in Occupational Psychology, MSc in Advanced Research Methods, MBA postgraduate, Commercial Pilot (ATPL) and a Bachelor of Physics & Engineering with over 25 years of experience delivering Leadership & Talent Management Consulting services as well as quantitative behavioural diagnostics research.

Hani combines the best elements of scientific and practical organisational research with a focus on organisational culture through behaviour diagnostics and analytics to drive effective change for sustainable performance – driving performance while managing risk. Hani recently deployed behaviour analytics as the first line defence for financial crime for a global bank across 71 countries and to define what behaviours drive a “speak up” culture.

He is a regular contributor to organisational culture and data analytics events such as the Wharton and Tucana People Analytics conferences. An example of his contribution to these events and his passion for data driven and actionable diagnostics of organisational culture can be found via

Hani is a lecturer and talent development consultant for a number of corporate universities.  In 2017, Hani was awarded the Wharton People Analytics Award for the CultureScope solution to behavioural diagnostics and actionable insight on organisational culture.

Eugene Burke

Eugene has over 38 years’ experience as an applied psychologist, psychometrician and data analyst. He has held leadership roles in public and private sector organisations including Chief Science and Analytics Officer at the research and best practices firm CEB (now Gartner). He has published in scientific articles and books on talent assessment, talent management, coaching, decision making and risk, and has featured in articles for The Times, Financial Times, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal. In 2015, Eugene and co-authors received the Emerald Highly Commended Award for Excellence 2015 for an article in the journal Managing Service Quality, a short form of which originally appeared in the Harvard Business Review. Eugene is an Expert Advisor on Analytics to the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (the UK equivalent of SHRM) and a member of the  advisory board to the US National Board of Medical Examiners. Eugene was recently voted one of the top 100 global influencers in people analytics.


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Learn How to Predict Your Firm’s Culture and Conduct
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Start Date: 7th June 2019
End Date: 7th June 2019


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