The Senior Management Briefing  introduces the core concepts and potential benefits of structured problem solving.   It introduces elements of rationale for improved problem solving skills, an overview and demonstration of an effective problem solving methodology, as well as, outlining key factors that organisations and Senior Managers need to consider as they adopt a more structured approach to Problem Solving.

This briefing builds understanding of a proven approach to Root Cause Analysis that is appropriate to the Finance Sector and to 21st Century problem solving.

This briefing will also be held in the Afternoon.


The aim of the briefing is to provide Senior Management with the knowledge that they require to understand effective and structured RCA and to subsequently make decisions on the organisation’s RCA strategy.

There is a growing belief that problem solving – creative and structured – will be one of the core skills that a) empower individuals in their careers and b) ensure companies maintain a competitive edge.  Reports from numerous global organisations cite problem solving as a skill that will protect firms and employees from greater and greater automation and AI. But do professionals really know what this means and even where to enter the narrative?  By understanding why RCA is important to their organisations and even more importantly what effective RCA might look like Senior Managers are better informed to create an effective Problem Solving Strategy for their organisations.

Who should attend

Target participants are Senior Managers, decision makers and influencers in the Finance Sector who are seeking to understand and potentially implement a proven, improved and structured approach to problem solving.


The briefing will:

  • introduce Senior Managers to the process and benefits of effective Root Cause Analysis
  • increase awareness of the steps required to develop an effective Root Cause Analysis process and programme within their organisations
  • identify the Senior Management role in the success of embedding Root Cause Analysis within their organisations


List each topic to be presented in the Session and describe any examples and practice exercises you plan to include for each topic.

  • Interaction of Causes
  • Why Problem Solving can fail
  • Integrating RCA into organisational processes
  • 5 step RCA process
  • What can the organisation expect from an effect RCA process
  • RCA Skills, Process and Culture
  • How can Senior Managers support their RCA initiative


Suzanne Crouch, Director of Training, Sologic EMEA

Suzanne has been facilitating and training RCA teams nationally and internationally across a spectrum of global organisations and sectors since 2005.

She has seen the difference that an effective RCA process can make to individuals and organisations and brings this extensive knowledge and experience to her work in facilitating teams and delivering training. Key to her successful work is the engaging and proven Sologic RCA process and training programmes. These enable her to support participants to develop the skills required to be effective in working with RCA and well as ensuring that participants have the opportunity to develop confidence in the process and their ability to deliver it.

Suzanne enjoys working with and challenging the participants on her Sologic RCA courses, provoking enquiry, creating structure and providing insight into the problems encountered in organisations. Her style of training is described as both motivational and energetic, embracing the active learning principles. Throughout the inspirational training and development that she facilitates she encourages the people she works with to make meaningful changes to their work, processes and behaviors


RCA Senior Management Briefing – Morning
Workshop Details

UK Finance, 1 Angel Court,
Time: 11:00 - 13:00

Start Date: 14th December 2018
End Date: 14th December 2018


FREE  – Members & Associate Members
£110 (+VAT) – Non-Members