This course introduces the core concepts and potential benefits of structured problem-solving. This one day course will explain how organisations routinely allow problems to incubate and go unaddressed, as well as introduce elements of rationale for improved problem solving skills, human factors, cognitive processes and problem-solving methodology.


This course builds confidence in, and delivers methods appropriate to 21st Century problem solving. Premise – Every individual and every business faces problems. This course will explain why we need to be exploring a more structure approach to problem solving as well as illustrating some of the concepts and techniques that could lead to better answers to everyday business challenges.

There is a growing belief that problem-solving will be one of the core skills that a) empower individuals in their careers and b) ensure companies maintain their competitive edge. Reports from numerous global organisations cite problem solving as a skill that will protect firms and employees from greater and greater automation and AI. But do professionals really know what this means and even where to enter the narrative? This course provides an entry point that channels organisations towards a more structured approach.

The blend of simple and powerful methods, eg building collaborative teams, understanding sources of cause, defining problems, awareness of basic analysis, and looking beyond human failure, culminates in a structured process built on and introducing the concept of cause and effect. This will provide delegates with a mix of practical and cognitive skills that will lay the foundations for an ever more effective problem-solving future.


Topics to be presented in the session:

  • The problem environment
  • Open and closed loop thinking
  • Exploring problems
  • Blame and human failure
  • Why collaborative problem solving works
  • Defining the problem
  • Introduction to problem-solving analysis
  • Solutions
  • The benefits of structured problem solving
  • The future of problem solving

Who should attend?

Target participants are co-ordinators, managers and executives interested in beginning their journey towards improved problem solving through evidence-based and structured methods.


Upon completing the course delegates will have;

  • Understood how and why organisations have an adhoc approach to problems-solving
  • An appreciation of the conditions (human and organisational) that allow problems to thrive and remain unaddressed.
  • Explored the rationale for a more structured approach to Problem Solving.
  • Recognised some of the common elements in the decisions we make.
  • Developed an understanding of the role of human factors in problem solving.
  • Expanded their capacity to think differently about problems.
  • Explored some of the steps of an effective and structured approach to problem solving.
  • Appreciate that even problems have the potential to innovate, grow and regenerate a business.
  • Be aware that they can progress to a more sophisticated RCA structure if this of interest or is appropriate to their organisation and/or role.


Registration: 08:30
Start:  09:00
Close: 17:00

* Please note that the workshop sequence and/or subject matter may differ from that described here.  The programme is constantly being updated to embrace new ideas and developments as they evolve.


Suzanne Crouch, Director of Training, Sologic EMEA

Suzanne has been facilitating and training RCA teams nationally and internationally across a spectrum of global organisations and sectors since 2005.

She has seen the difference that an effective RCA process can make to individuals and organisations and brings this extensive knowledge and experience to her work in facilitating teams and delivering training. Key to her successful work is the engaging and proven Sologic RCA process and training programmes. These enable her to support participants to develop the skills required to be effective in working with RCA and well as ensuring that participants have the opportunity to develop confidence in the process and their ability to deliver it.

Suzanne enjoys working with and challenging the participants on her Sologic RCA courses, provoking enquiry, creating structure and providing insight into the problems encountered in organisations. Her style of training is described as both motivational and energetic, embracing the active learning principles. Throughout the inspirational training and development that she facilitates she encourages the people she works with to make meaningful changes to their work, processes and behaviors


Take this training in-house

If you have five or more delegates who wish to attend this briefing, it may be more cost effective to run it in-company. To find out more about in-company training, please contact Philip Allen Director of Learning on 0203 934 1014 or

RCA: Tactical Problem Solving
Workshop Details

UK Finance, 1 Angel Court,
1 Angel Court,
London, EC2R 7HJ
Time: 09:00 - 17:00

Start Date: 11th February 2019
End Date: 11th February 2019


£650 (+VAT) – Members
£800 (+VAT) – Non-members