• Total card spending reached £57.1 billion in June, up by 0.3% on May and 7% on June 2016.
  • There were just under 1.4 billion card payments in June, a monthly record and a 12% rise in the last 12 months. This is the highest annual rate of growth in the number of payments since June 2008, driven by a robust rise in online (+20%) and contactless (+143%) purchases.
  • Retail sector spending rose by £19 million in June to reach £26.1 billion. The largest increase in retail sector spending was on food and drink, which passed £10 billion in June. Service sector spending rose by £138 million to £31 billion.
  • Contactless payments accounted for 34% of all card transactions, while online payments accounted for 13%.

Richard Koch, Head of Cards at UK Finance, said:

“Contactless payments accounted for a third of transactions in June with consumers continuing to use their cards for lower value purchases. While spending recorded a relatively modest monthly growth, the number of transactions rose at a faster rate with some 46 million card purchases made every day.”

Total Spending

£ billions

Annual growth rates for spending Number of purchases


Jun 2017 Jun 2016 Jun 2017 Jun 2016 Jun 2017 Jun 2016
All payment cards 57.1 53.5 7.2% 4.9% 1,381 1,230
  Of which online 15.4 12.2 21.7% 7.8% 186 149
Debit cards 40.6 38.2 7.3% 5.6% 1,078 951
Credit cards 16.5 15.4 6.9% 3.4% 304 279
  • The average transaction value on all card payments fell by 16p to £41.36 in June, the lowest level since June 2000. This compares to £43.53 a year ago and £50.55 at the peak in July 2011.
  • The largest increase in spending between May and June was on tax preparation services. Travel related merchants such as foreign currency exchange, auto rental and miscellaneous travel also recorded strong growth in June.
  • The debit and credit card share of total retail sales was 77 per cent in June.


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  1. The full June 2017 Card Expenditure Statistics, include detailed retail and service sector data, are available at: www.ukfinance.org.uk/statistics/cards/. Total spending figures are seasonally adjusted. Sub-sector level spending figures have not been seasonally adjusted.

About the Card Expenditure Statistics figures:

Card Expenditure Statistics reveal where credit, debit and charge cards are used in the UK. They are reported to UK Finance by banks and other financial institutions, known as merchant acquirers, that process plastic card transactions on behalf of businesses and enterprises.

Spending is shown separately for debit and credit cards, by volume and by value, and the location is broken down into the principle UK retail and services sectors with a detailed analysis covering over 100 merchant categories across the full range of industries in the UK.

UK Card Expenditure Statistics: June 2017