UK Finance Principles for Exiting a Customer

Banks have an important role in society, supporting customers, businesses and the wider economy by providing, for example, current accounts, mortgages, savings products and loans. However, banks must balance these important offerings with occasions where it cannot offer, or continue with, its services to a customer.

If consumers or firms are told that they cannot be banked, then they need to know why and how they might move forward. As a trade body, UK Finance can't influence individual providers? risk and commercial appetites, but we can ensure there is improved communications to help facilitate such market conversations.

We have worked with our members and the FCA to develop principles to improve how banks communicate with customers when they cannot offer, or continue to provide, banking facilities. These principles set out the approach that a bank should adopt when communicating a decision to a customer that it cannot offer, or continue with, the provision of its service. In every case, the bank must always ensure the customer is treated fairly.

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