Working together to support the nation

With the impact of coronavirus being felt across the country, the aim of every bank, building society and credit union is to ensure your peace of mind when it comes to your money. 

We know that many people may be worried about their finances at this time. Together we are working with the Government to make sure that we are giving you the support you need. Whether that’s help with your mortgage payments, extending an overdraft or assistance with your credit card or loan. 

We are all working hard to maintain the best service we can for you. As you can imagine our telephone lines are exceptionally busy at the moment. This means that those who need us most right now - those who are most financially vulnerable – are struggling to get through. Normally we would ask more of our teams to come in and help, but in these unprecedented times, our employees are facing the same challenges that we all are, so we simply can’t. So we are asking for your help too. 

Before calling our phone lines: 

  • Ask yourself: Do I need to speak to my bank, building society or credit union today? 
  • Consider: Can I do this through mobile online banking? 
  • Review: Is the answer already on their website? 

We are constantly keeping our websites updated with latest information, including FAQs. If you are not able to use the mobile or online banking services, we want to reassure you that we are here for you – please do call. It may just take a little longer for you to get through. 

Thank you to all our colleagues for working so hard and to you for your understanding. Your wellbeing remains our first priority.


As the situation with Covid-19 in the UK evolves rapidly many consumers and businesses have questions about how the banking and finance industry will be able to support them to access the finances, support and guidance they need.

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