TfL success story shows how contactless ticketing can benefit consumers

In September 2014 TfL became the first ever public transport provider to accept contactless payment cards. Two and half years later, figures have revealed that half of all journeys on the TfL network are now made using contactless payments on cards or mobile devices. Some 17 million journeys a week are taken using contactless per week, a figure that has doubled in the last two years. So given the staggering success of contactless -  where do we go from here?

Using contactless for transport has brought major advantages for passengers. TfL's contactless ticketing system automatically calculates the best value fare based on the customer's specific journey history and then charges them at the end of the day - ensuring customers always pay the cheapest fare in the easiest and most convenient way. Not only can customers save money compared to buying a one day Travelcard, helping them to travel around London more affordably. The ease of the transactions and the clear customer benefits are driving widespread adoption.

UK Finance has built on this success by leading the development of the Contactless Transit Framework for the UK, a collaborative project that brings together transit operators and international card schemes. This Framework has helped the expansion of contactless transit outside London, providing a model for bus and rail operators and regional authorities to develop their own contactless ticketing solutions and pilots. As a result, the big five bus operators have committed to ensuring all buses accept contactless payments by 2022. The Contactless Transit Framework is now being adopted as a global model to support the implementation of contactless ticketing across the world.

The TfL story is a great example of how organisations can successfully design a payments model that puts the experience of customers first. But it is also a clear demonstration of the practical benefits that contactless cards can bring to consumers. Ultimately, contactless payment is all about making life easier by reducing queuing times and providing a secure alternative to cash. UK Finance is committed to spreading the benefits of this technology by supporting the expansion of contactless ticketing customers across the country.