Secondary Markets

UK Finance covers policy spanning across secondary markets. We convene public policy experts, subject matter practitioners and legal specialists from across our membership and associate membership to discuss and consider a range of pertinent policy issues impacting the breadth of secondary capital markets.

These include developments in equity markets, fixed income and derivatives, market data, systematic internalisers, reporting and the trading venue perimeter. 

Given the UK government’s focus on considering fundamental legislative and regulatory changes to the UK capital markets rulebook, we continue to work with members in responding to strategically important initiatives, such as the Wholesale Markets Review, as well as the initiatives that will follow on from this, advocating for an agile, open and competitive secondary market. 

We collaborate closely with other trade associations to amplify our messaging and we regularly engage with key policy and regulatory stakeholders, at both senior and working level across HM Treasury, the FCA, the PRA and the Bank of England. 

Area of expertise: