Contactless Transit Report 2019

A review of the implementation of contactless transit in the UK.

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Sanctions Conference

Banking and the Energy Sector, a Pivotal Year of Sanctions Transition

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Our current priorities 2019

A detailed overview of the priorities we have been working on across UK Finance this year and our progress so far.

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A detailed analysis of the use of all types of payments in the UK during 2018.

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Fraud the Facts 2019

Fraud poses a major threat to the UK. It’s a crime that the finance industry is committed to tackling, but it’s also one that requires the combined efforts of every sector, both public and private, to overcome.

Our Fraud the Facts 2019 report lays bare the extent of the challenge. Last year the advanced security systems and innovations in which the finance industry invests to protect customers stopped more than £1.6 billion of unauthorised fraud. But despite this, criminals successfully stole £1.2 billion through fraud and scams in 2018. 

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