Ethical principles for advanced analytics and artificial intelligence in financial services

A succinct set of high-level ethical principles for financial services firms developing advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.

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Strong Customer Authentication

Find out how Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) will affect your business.

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'Future of Finance’ podcast series

‘Future of Finance’ podcast. This series explores the latest trends in financial services and the challenges of tomorrow.

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How the banking and finance industry can support customers and businesses to access the finances, support and guidance they need.

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Scams and fraud protection - Covid 19

Help protect yourself and your business against scams and fraudsters with our guidance

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Through our specialists we provide an unmatched breadth and depth of knowledge, all in one place.

Fraud the Facts 2020

Fraud continues to pose a major threat to the UK and as criminals become ever more imaginative in their attempts to steal customers’ money, this shows no sign of changing.

Our Fraud – the Facts 2020 report highlights that last year investment by the finance industry in advanced security systems to protect customers prevented more than £1.8 billion of unauthorised fraud. But criminals still successfully stole over £1.2 billion through fraud and scams in 2019.

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