SME Lending and Deposits

Trends covering the scope of member support for UK small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), through the provision of loans and overdrafts, holdings of cashflow and longer-term deposits.  Data is shown across standard industrial categories and across regions of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Latest data

Lenders approved over 290,000 loans and overdrafts to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in 2018, offering aggregate borrowing facilities worth £28 billion.

Within industry sectors, 100,000 approvals were made to production and manufacturing industries with a value of £10 billion. 190,000 approvals were made to service industries with a value of £18 billion.

Outstanding lending to SMEs on loans and overdrafts stood at £100 billion at the year-end. Aggregate deposits in SME accounts has risen to £203.4 billion, with £120.2 billion held in immediate-access accounts and £83.2 billion held in notice accounts.

SME Update - Q4 2018 


SME Aggregates - Q4 2018 (XLSX) 

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