Episode 12: How to build cyber resilience into supply chain relationships

The cyber landscape has in recent times experienced a rise in supply chain cyber-attacks such as the Solar Winds Orion cyber breach, the Microsoft Exchange Server breach, Print Nightmare Vulnerability, and the Colonial Pipeline cyber breach.

The financial sector has seen its fair share of threats, incidents and attacks as a result of vulnerabilities identified from supply chain providers and recognises the need for better third party cyber capabilities. While we acknowledge efforts from the regulators and the government in providing guidelines and policies that help mitigate risk, on the podcast today we will explore the role technology and cyber security organisations play in third-party cyber resilience and the need for sustained impact.

Oge Udensi, Principal, Cyber and Third Party Risk is joined by Scott Register, Vice President, Security Solutions from Keysight and Vincent Payne, Director of Technology and Services from Arrow ECS to delve into this important topic.

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