Episode 15: Enabling cyber resilience in the cloud

The adoption of cloud computing services has continued to play a significant role in how the financial sector innovates and invents across its technological environment and now more than ever, the importance of security has taken centre stage.

In this episode, Oge Udensi, UK Finance’s Principal, Cyber Security sits down with Sarah Armstrong Smith, Chief Security Advisor in Microsoft’s Cybersecurity Solutions Area and Ian Benson, Partner within PwC's Cyber Security Practice where he leads the UK financial services cyber team. The panel of experts discuss the state of cyber security and explore the ways in which the financial sector continues to react and respond to the impact of cyber threats and attacks within both the individual organisations and the sector.

The panel also delves into the cloud adoption and cyber/operational resilience intersection, discussing the many ways the sector can embed cyber resilience as it progresses in its cloud adoption journey.

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NoteThe opinions and views expressed in this series do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of UK Finance.

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