Episode 5: Continuity and Crisis Management in the Age of Covid-19

In 2020 hard lessons have been learnt about crisis management and the importance of horizon threat scanning. No industry is thinking harder about these lessons than financial services.

Business continuity, crisis management, and doing whatever it takes to keep the wheels turning are principles long ingrained in those who move our money around, principles which paid off when COVID-19 came knocking.

Has the prevailing crisis management model in financial services – one relatively unchanged for 25 years – served us well? Is it still fit for purpose? And are there are lessons to be learned from other industries who perhaps have done this better?

Discussing this and more, Andrew Rogan, Director, Operational Resilience at UK Finance, is joined by:

  • Will Packard, Managing Principal, Capco
  • Tim Armit, Business Continuity Manager, Post Office

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NoteThe opinions and views expressed in this series do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of UK Finance.

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