Building a Better Society: A financial services manifesto for the UK

UK Finance has released its financial services manifesto, outlining key priorities the next government should focus on.

UK financial services are a global success story and one any future government should seek to partner with and support. 

The financial services sector delivers real benefits to UK consumers and businesses by helping people buy their first home, supporting small businesses to begin trading, enabling payments to be made swiftly and securely, and helping companies scale up and trade internationally. 

Across these and many more issues, our approach is to work with government to support key public policy objectives. We therefore hope that by outlining the policy agenda that the sector would like to see taken forward post-election and through working in partnership, we can help build a better society for all.

Public First, a consultancy specialising in public policy, supported UK Finance in producing this manifesto and carried out polling for it with a nationally representative sample of the public. Full details of this polling can be found on their website.

You can download the manifesto below.

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