The Changing Shape of the UK Mortgage Market

There is no doubt that the size and shape of the mortgage market has changed considerably over the last decade since the global financial crisis. The crisis led to significant changes in conduct and prudential rules designed to protect both borrowers and firms from the risk of any future downturn or similar economic shock. At the same time, we?ve seen significant government intervention in the market to stimulate new home building and support first-time buyers, particularly through the Help to Buy equity loan scheme.

Mortgages and housing are intrinsically linked. This report looks to combine UK Finance mortgage data with insight and data from Hometrack and Zoopla, to set out how mortgage lending has changed and consider the regulatory and policy drivers that have influenced this. 

This is the first time that mortgage and housing data has been brought together in this way. Our aim is to provide an empirical evidence base to show how interventions have impacted on the market for owned and privately rented homes. The report also reflects on the changing nature of consumers and considers in the near term whether the market that has been created is one that is appropriate for their needs. 

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