Risk discovery

People are the single most important asset in any organisation, yet they can often be the most vulnerable.

The threats and opportunities people present to the operations and strategic objectives of their organisation constitute ‘people risk’ – an area of risk so often ignored because of the perceived complexities involved in effectively managing it.

Whilst leading international standards (e.g. ISO 31000) acknowledge the role of risk culture in setting the optimum conditions for risk-based thinking, decision-making and behaviour, few organisations understand how to actually go about creating a positive risk culture.

What is Risk Discovery?

A triple lens view of a person:

  • Firstly, it details how they think and make risk-based decisions, their life attitude and the gears of their emotional intelligence.
  • Secondly, the discovery process reveals the person’s values and motivators to determine where they derive their energy to engage and their desire to succeed.
  • Finally, the person’s observable behaviours are detailed in order to predict the best environment for them to thrive.

How does it work?

We use accurate science to determine who a person truly is. Facets of psychology will tell you there are 16 personality type. We don’t agree with that narrow view. That restrictive viewpoint simply labels and disrespects your people.

Our approach recognises true diversity. We have a Nobel Prize Nominee associated with our algorithm, which utilises 6.4 quadrillion permutations to identify 282 trillion variations in the human psyche, allowing self-awareness as to exactly who and what you are regarding risk. This approach allows you, to be you!

We then build self-awareness in the individual to promote psychological safety and provide insight for the organisation to manage and develop them correctly. We help remove bias, create balance in their thinking, and improve effectiveness in everything they do.

We all recognise the importance of human and cultural aspects in achieving effective RRM. However, risk and resilience managers continually highlighted ‘People’ as the biggest blocker to them achieving effective value adding RRM.

This was a constant source of frustration for us and our clients and we needed to help them break the wheel of uncertainty; we needed a better way to consider the ‘human factor elements of regulations, so we began our development of our Risk Discovery with our developer.

The benefits are to allow you to better understand your talent pool, potential and trends, stress, ethics and values alignment to the organisations, performance blind spots. This information is available at a touch of a button. With this valuable risk information, you are able to better manage your people risk and break the wheel of uncertainty.


As part of this course, KRisk utilise a value metric tool -KRisk the Risk Discovery tool - to facilitate the collection and analysis of information related to an individual’s risk intelligence; their values, risk competences, risk-based thinking and behaviours.

This risk intelligence provides management and individuals with incredible insight into how to better engage teams, encourage certain behaviours and ultimately improve risk and resilience management performance across the organisation.

The process

Risk & Resilience Discovery process

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Better understand how your people think, act and make decisions.
  • Harness the power of individual risk tolerance and communication preferences in support of team and organisational objectives.
  • Identify the threats and opportunities your people present to the achievement of operational and strategic objectives.
  • Develop strategies to improve risk-based thinking, drive a positive risk culture and increase both people and organisational performance.

What would you use it for?

We have used this technology powered by CCR3 through all the Risk and Resilience Academies. It has been used for clients and partners including UK Finance, the Institute of Risk Management, Hitachi, Trentalia, Dubai Police, Meta, Telus, NASA, Rolls Royce, Amentum, Aviation & Aerospace & government.

These organisations share the same ambition – to truly understand their people and teams. In addition to using the Discovery for recruitment and retention, they want to accurately measure and select key risk hot spot areas.

We give them confidence about the talent and capability programmes that ultimately protect their investment.

The Discovery provides a solution to evaluate business risk, personnel risk, wellbeing and opportunity risk.

Drivers for use?

Human and cultural factors is a core part of the international risk management standard. When developing a positive risk culture, it is essential to have sufficient diversity of perspectives.

By gaining an in-depth insight into the risk intelligence that exists, Risk Discovery enables an organisation to:

Better understand employees:

  • What drives them?
  • What discourages them?
  • What is their level of risk awareness?
  • What is their predisposition towards risk?
  • Unlock the triggers  to maximising its people potential
  • Improve strategy implementation and achievement of objectives through its people
  • Build a positive, proactive risk and resilience culture

By gaining an in-depth insight into the risk intelligence that exists, Risk Discovery enables an organisation to:

  • Implement the people related aspects of ISO 31000 and operational resilience
  • Identify potential risk hot spots for targeted risk management activity and incident and claims prevention
  • More effectively rollout new initiatives and encourage desired behaviours
  • Consider people’s ‘normal’ and ‘adapted’ behaviours to better manage major incidents and crisis
  • Build individual resilience, team resilience and ultimately organisational resilience

Case studies

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Dubai Police set the standard for policing across the GCC. Their modern thinking and innovative use of technology allows them to create modern policing strategies whilst maintaining traditional values towards their people and the many visitors to their country.

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BAE Submarine Solutions located in Barrow in Furness build, among other things, the Astute Class Nuclear Submarine. Submarines operate in the most hostile environment on earth and call for remarkable engineering solutions.

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Who should attend?

Managers who manage risk e.g., Support functions like Human Resources, Security, Information Technology, Procurement, Communications, Finance and also Operational team managers.

This provides the ideal platform for delegates from other companies to learn from each other by sharing ideas through discussions and exercises facilitated by the programmes.