Cards are an integral part of the way that we all, consumers and businesses alike, pay for goods and services

As evolving consumer habits have increased card usage, new technology is providing consumers with more choice and a full range of digital channels to make and accept card payments. Uniquely, credit cards also allow customers to borrow to help them to manage their money more easily day-to-day.

The amount of monthly spending on credit cards has been trending upwards since 2013 and, with the removal of the credit card surcharge from January 2018, is now one‑third higher than it was with cardholders benefiting from spending rewards, loyalty points and protection of goods and services. However, spending is, for the most part, largely offset by bill payments from cardholders managing their spending effectively, so that the annual net change in amounts outstanding was lower in 2018 than in the previous two years. Much of the rise in debit and credit card usage can be attributed to contactless payments.

UK Finance provides a single, strong voice to help shape industry direction. We help our members navigate through the complex card and credit legislative and regulatory landscape to deliver changes – our expert team provides regular and timely insight and analysis.

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