Mortgage lending within UK postcodes

Trends covering mortgage lending to UK households. Data is shown for mortgages across postcode sectors and meets a commitment to government to transparency about the geographical spread of lending.

Latest Data - Q4 2021

Publishable at postcode sector level (£bn) 1,135.9 22.4
Publishable only at postcode area level (£bn) 4.2 0.2
of which: Lending in sectors redacted to preserve confidentiality (£bn) 1.3 0.1
of which: Other lending which cannot be allocated at sector level, but included at Area level (£bn) 3.0 0.1
Total lending publishable (£bn) 1,140.2 22.6
Number of sectors publishable at postcode sector level 9,001 234
Number of sectors redacted to preserve customer confidentiality 132 1