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Mortgage and Home Finance Knowledge Suite launch event

Are you meeting the requirements of the Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD)? The aim of the EU Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD) was to create an EU-wide mortgage credit market with a high level of consumer protection applying to both secured credit and home loans.  The MCD identified nine knowledge and competence requirements which were mapped to the appropriate roles within mortgage lenders and intermediaries. Do you, or your firm meet these requirements?



RCA Analyst - Facilitator (Two-day workshop)

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)  is  increasingly found to be integrated into financial regulator standards. A firms attitude towards applying an effective Root Cause Analysis process is often regarded as an indicator of best practice within a business including whether there is an appetite from senior management to acknowledge and address problems and issues within that business.  Key to working towards best practice and gaining from the potential business improvement opportunities is understanding the components and skills of an effective RCA process.



FREE Webinar: Ethical use of Data in a Digital Economy

We will be discussing the specific impacts, risks and challenges faced by Financial Institutions and how we can drive actionable outcomes which will support different aspects of data activities that organisations engage with.



Detecting and Mitigating The Risk of Trade Based Money Laundering

International trade is a particularly attractive means of moving illicit funds across borders without being detected, and recent years have seen regulators around the world place increasing pressure on financial services firms to improve their trade-based money laundering (TBML) systems and controls.  This course highlights the risks and shows how to apply best practice in order to comply with regulatory expectations.



FREE Webinar: Successful Regulatory Visit Management

Regulatory visits are sometimes called ?exams?.  As such, they are a unique kind of team examination with a submission of team written work (pre-visit information) followed by a team oral exam (series of regulatory meetings).  Like any exam, to be successful there is a lot of technique plus practice needed.



Vulnerability Academy: Improving Outcomes for Customers in Vulnerable Circumstances

This year the FCA is exploring if it's guidance and approach to vulnerability should change. Learn about these changes when they happen and put your organisation at the forefront, by attending the UK Finance Vulnerability Academy.



FREE Webinar: SMI Loan Second Charge: The Process for Registering DWP's Charge on Properties in England and Wales

Participants will hear a presentation by the Department for Work and Pensions to illustrate the interactions and aims of the Letter of Consent and Letter of Postponement in relation to the Support for Mortgage Interest Loan scheme. The process will apply to properties in England and Wales only. Scottish properties will follow a comparable process but the differences in Scottish Housing Law require a slightly altered approach. This approach will be shared for comment and consideration separately. Agenda



Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

For many firms, the Conduct regulator's ?Culture audits? look like a short-cut to enforcement actions against Senior Managers. Seeing this as a Compliance risk, they design their Conduct and Culture programmes defensively. Because they perceive Culture as abstract and hard to measure, many firms fall back on traditional risk models - which are not designed to address human behaviour.
Retail Banking Conference



Retail Banking Conference

We are delighted to announce that the Retail Banking Conference will explore the developing landscape of personal finance in 2019, with an agenda that covers the political and economic outlook a matter of weeks ahead of the UK's formal exit from the European Union.