UK Finance welcomes our Associate Members to a briefing from our Capital Markets and Wholesale Policy team on Tuesday 21 November 2023.

The team works with members, associates, and industry stakeholders to support the activities of wholesale banks active in the UK; addressing regulatory change to ensure a competitive, efficient, and resilient UK capital market. As well as considering strategic initiatives and innovations influencing and shaping members’ longer-term priorities.

This session will include several short updates from our policy leads, a Q&A, and the opportunity for networking after.

Themes for review and discussion will include:

  • Ongoing regulatory and legislative reforms to UK capital markets – what do the Financial Services and Markets Act and Smarter Regulatory Framework mean for the UK?
  • Developments across UK primary, secondary markets and post trade policy, and what’s next?
  • The policy landscape that intersects digital assets, technology and capital markets, including a focus on the UK’s Digital Securities Sandbox.
  • Developments in liquidity management and settlement.


09:45–10:00 Arrival

10:00–11:00 Presentation and networking after

Please note, this event is open to UK Finance Associate Members only and is free to attend in person at Angel Court or via Zoom.