The pandemic aftershocks coupled with high inflation, skills shortages, energy prices spike and other geopolitical events have reinforced the necessity to assess the risk of clients and suppliers alike.

For credit analysts who are happy with the fundamentals of accounting statements these two practical workshops will provide you with new tools to quickly go through a set of accounts and assess the risks including; a framework for analysis, debt rating agencies, linking non financials with financial analysis and typical ratios. For the more experienced analysts this should prove to be a practical and useful refresher.

Because of the detailed technical content the agenda will be spread over two sessions with some work expected of attendees before the first workshop and in between the two sessions.

UK Finance is running this workshop as part of a series of online workshops which will provide practical support for staff members working closely with clients in analytical roles, increasing their ability to understand both financial and non-financial commercial customer risk issues. 

There are four workshops in total, each is standalone so can be attended independently, but our recommendation is for your organisation to send colleagues to all four - the most appropriate colleague can attend each one, see below for details of the entire series.

Take this training in-house:

This training is also available as an in-house programme, which means you can tailor it to exactly what you and your colleagues require. Pricing for in-house will depend on what is required. Enquire about this option by contacting our training team.


Individual session tickets:

  • £169 (+VAT) - Members and Associate Members
  • £255 (+VAT) - Non-members

This course is part of the Commercial Customer Risk Programme, which includes four workshops in total, see below for information on each:

Jean Pousson

Jean Pousson

Director & Founding Shareholder, Board Evaluation Limited

Jean Pousson is a Director and founding shareholder of Board Evaluation Limited, a specialised consultancy practice set up in 2011 which provides...

Jean Pousson is a Director and founding shareholder of Board Evaluation Limited, a specialised consultancy practice set up in 2011 which provides board evaluation, strategic health checks, and various training and consultancy services to an international client base. He is a regular contributor to strategy and finance programmes run by The Institute of Directors, where he is one of their senior consultants.

Jean previously held the position of Director of Studies at the TSB Group Management College where he was responsible for overall academic leadership, but with direct responsibility for finance and strategy programmes and consultancy activities.

For the last 32 years, Jean has lectured and consulted on issues of strategic planning and implementation, credit risk and finance to an international client base consisting of financial services organisations, SME's, multinationals, charities, housing associations, professional firms and public sector bodies. Some examples of past and present clients include: UK Finance, Credit Suisse AG, Lloyds Bank plc, MBNA Europe Limited, Paypal Europe, RBS plc, and Worldpay. He has lectured in over 34 countries.

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