Course overview:

The pandemic aftershocks coupled with high inflation, skills shortages, energy prices spike and other geopolitical events have reinforced the necessity to assess the risk of clients and suppliers alike.

Thorough financial analysis has always been critical to understanding the risk of lending to a customer. However, this is only half of the story. A comprehensive understanding of customer risks is key before any financials are reviewed, otherwise numbers will just be numbers. Many investment analysts make the point that if they don't understand the source of competitive advantage of a business there is no point looking at the numbers.

This workshop will walk participants through a rigorous framework to assess these so-called 'non-financial' risks. It will be very interactive with a few plenary discussions.

UK Finance is running this workshop as part of a series of online workshops which will provide practical support for staff members working closely with clients in analytical roles, increasing their ability to understand both financial and non-financial commercial customer risk issues. 

There are four workshops in total. Each workshop can be completed independently; however, we recommend you participate in all workshops for a comprehensive understanding of commercial customer risk. See below for full details.

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This course is part of the Commercial Customer Risk Programme, which includes four workshops in total, see below for information on each:

Jean Pousson

Jean Pousson

Director & Founding Shareholder, Board Evaluation Limited

Originally from Mauritius, Jean Pousson brings over 34 years of management consultancy, training, facilitation, and coaching experience to the table, ...

Originally from Mauritius, Jean Pousson brings over 34 years of management consultancy, training, facilitation, and coaching experience to the table, having worked in well over 30 countries. His formative years were in banking with Barclays Bank(15 years in Retail and Corporate Banking)where he spent many years assessing risks of small to medium sized businesses and Corporates. 

He was also with the UK TSB Banking Group for a few years where his last appointment was Group Director of Studies responsible for providing academic leadership to the Group. 

He has Board experience(Executive and non-executive )and has been involved in well over 100 Board Effectiveness Reviews as an evaluator and/or providing oversight to the assignments. The organisations have ranged from mid-sized businesses to larger entities.

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