In this second session from our three-part series, we will look at the Consumer Duty and what it means for the processes that sit in, and around, the handling of customer complaints.

The challenge with processes is that they become very familiar and normal, and unless something big happens to shine a spotlight on an issue, it’s not always easy to spot a part of a process that’s gone rogue or is no longer working as it should be.

One of the core principles to come out of the Duty is that firms know who their customers are, and they are able to build and provide processes and services around them to meet their needs. We will use this lens in this session to unpick the processes that customers make when raising their complaint, looking at their overall customer experience from start to finish.

We will also look at what processes and approaches work; from key performance indicators and the signs of success to how, who and where to get feedback and insight from.

By the end of the session, you will:

  • Know how your current complaints process measures up against the Duty
  • Identify areas to improve customer experience throughout the complaint journey
  • Explore different ways to know and measure if good outcomes are being reached
  • Have reassurance about where you’re on track and highlight where there may still be more to do


Individual session ticket:

  • £450 (+VAT) – Members and Associate Members
  • £575(+VAT) – Non-members

Take this training in-house:

This training is also available as an in-house programme, which means you can tailor it to exactly what you and your colleagues require. Pricing for in-house will depend on what is required. Enquire about this option by contacting our training team.

Area of expertise:
Caroline Wells

Caroline Wells

Independent Advisor, Quibble

Caroline's background has always been in customer service and experience - and with that she's gained decades of experience in: dispute resolution, co...

Caroline's background has always been in customer service and experience - and with that she's gained decades of experience in: dispute resolution, consumer vulnerability and accessibility. Not a trainer in the traditional sense of the word, Caroline brings her real-life, current, and very practical experience to the group to share and spark conversation.

Today, Caroline works directly with firms and organisations across the private and public sector on all things customer service related. She also holds several appointed roles, these include:

  • Member of CIVEA's (The Civil Enforcement Association) Compliance, Adjudication and Review of Enforcement (CARE) panel - reviewing complaints about High Court Enforcement Agencies, their agents and providing guidance to the industry on raising customer service standards.
  • Independent Advisor to the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner - reviewing and advising on complaints and professional conduct issues.
  • Senior Subject Matter Expert to the Money Advice Trust - providing cross industry consultancy and training to customers in vulnerable circumstances.
  • Advisory Board Member to the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute - which guides the institute on its focus around money and mental health.
  • Customer Service expert to the Collaboration Network.
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This series is aimed at people who manage and/or have operational and strategic oversight for complaints handling and customer service functions where customer complaints can happen.

This includes:

  • Complaints leaders
  • Managers and team
  • Managers; quality assurance
  • Managers; compliance officers; customer service leaders
  • Managers and team managers, and call centre leaders
  • Managers and team managers