The FCA's complaint handling rules exist to provide a framework of what should be done and when. They provide consistency and a minimum standard for firms to work to. But what they don't do is tell firms how best to approach and resolve complaints, nor do they talk about the common mistakes firms make that have a massive impact on both them and the customer.

All too often firms can feel lost or confined by a process that doesn't tell them ?how? to resolve issues that means the best for them and their customer. It leaves firms feeling deskilled - never sure how to properly resolve a complaint and communicate this to the customer in a meaningful way. And it leaves customers feeling frustrated, resulting in more complaints being referred to the ombudsman that necessary.

If you handle complaints or customer queries, or have oversight for these areas in a FCA regulated firm, this course will help you.

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Understand why you need the Final Response Letter to work for you
  • Know the key steps to take before writing the letter, to make sure you understand your customer and their complaint
  • Avoiding common mistakes when it comes to tone, length and content of the Final Response Letter
  • Have the best chance of resolving the complaint with the business and reducing unnecessary referrals to the FOS as a result of poor communication

This very practical course will help you to understand what makes for a successful Final Response Letter, by taking you back to the very basics of DISP rules, to building a picture of the consumer and the complaint, right up to being able to write in a persuasive and credible way. By avoiding the common pitfalls, you can regain the trust of your customer and be confident in your ability to get to the heart of the complaint. 


As we adapt to social distancing, this workshop will now be delivered via Skype for Business ? further details will be sent to delegates on booking.

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The course will be of value to those handling or overseeing complaints, and frontline and ?business as usual? customer queries and journeys, including Complaints, Customer Services, Customer Experience, Operations, Compliance, Legal and Quality Assurance professionals in FCA regulated organisations.