The role of the board director, especially the Non-Executive Director (‘NED’), has come under closer scrutiny. In particular, within the banking and finance sector, the expectations of key stakeholders of companies, both internal and external, has increased significantly.

Executive directors need to provide leadership, direction, and drive the culture of the organisation, as well as ensuring corporate reputation is protected and enhanced. NEDs meanwhile are considered the ‘guardians of corporate governance’, and are also required to bring a broad range of experience and business insight to make sure that the strategy is on the right track. Board directors now need to demonstrate that they are working hard to promote the success of the business, while meeting the demands of challenging market conditions. Additionally, they need to ensure that their business meets the expectations set out by the regulators, both the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Aspiring directors and NEDs must have  a basic knowledge and understanding of the role, and new NEDs need to have the essential tools and techniques to hit the ground running. Meanwhile, experienced directors and NEDs are required to keep up to date, both technically and with the further development of some of the softer personal skills and director attributes.

This comprehensive and practical course is designed to provide board members with the knowledge and skills required for them to carry out their roles effectively. The session combines a balance of technical learning with the personal soft skills needed.


"The course covered a broad range of content on the director and NED role and made me understand what to expect, whilst enabling me to conduct my own personal gap analysis."

"There was plenty of very useful content. It felt very comprehensive and has given me the confidence to understand what is expected as a professional director."

"A great overview of the role and responsibilities of a director and NED."

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Understand what it means to be a professional executive director/non-executive director and consider the role in the context of the demands of the industry.
  • Keep up to date with best in class governance, strategy and risk practices that are aligned to stakeholder interests.
  • Appreciate what an ‘effective board’ looks like and understand how you should be adding tangible value to the organisation.
  • Receive insight into the tools and techniques used as part of a well-run board performance evaluation.
  • Gain from the knowledge and experience of the Non-Executive Directors’ Association (NEDA), which is the leading body on board and NED training.


Take this training in-house:

This training is also available as an in-house programme, which means you can tailor it to exactly what you and your colleagues require. Pricing for in-house will depend on what is required. Enquire about this option by contacting our training team.

Louis Cooper

Louis Cooper

Louis Cooper is Chief Executive and one of the founders of NEDA. Having set up the members organisation in 2006 he oversees the technical and tra...

Louis Cooper is Chief Executive and one of the founders of NEDA. Having set up the members organisation in 2006 he oversees the technical and training services provided by NEDA and has undertaken a range of board and NED training sessions, both in-house and on public courses. He trained and qualified as a teacher and then qualified as a chartered accountant and has worked in all of the Big 4 accounting firms during his career. Before retiring from public practice he was lead UK and EMEA partner in the Risk & Assurance practice area at Crowe Clark Whitehill LLP for over six years.

He has sat on the boards of fully listed investment trusts and AIM companies as Finance Director and is an experienced boardroom facilitator and a consultant in corporate governance, risk management and board performance evaluation.

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Who will benefit from attending this workshop:

  • Aspirant executive and non-executive directors
  • New executive and non-executive directors
  • Board support function heads ie. company secretarial, compliance, risk management

This is an intensive and challenging programme that enables the participants to have a well-rounded understanding of the ‘Effective Board’, both from a board and an individual director perspective.